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          Dean Jason Wingard hosted Executives in Residence to discuss the value of an inclusive culture for attracting and retaining top talent.

          Executives in Residence Speaker Series

          Dean Jason Wingard, Ph.D.

          Recent Speakers and Topics

          Diversifying the Talent Pipeline

          Yvette C. Burton, Academic Director of the Human Capital Management master's program, moderated the discussion. Maryam Banikarim, ‘89BC, ‘93BU, ‘93IA, Executive Advisor at Cove Hill Partners and Former Global Chief Marketing Officer of Hyatt Hotels; Edward Lewis, Co-founder of Essence Magazine and Chairman and Publisher Emeritus of Essence Communications, Inc.; John A. Nixon, Partner at Duane Morris, LLP; and Jurij Paraszczak, Former Director of IBM Research Industry Solutions served as the panelists. See highlights from the event below.

          Boards Must Demand Diversity

          SPS Exectuive in Residence Maryam Banikarim speaking on the Diversifying the Talent Pipeline Panel Event 2019


          The Value of Self-Advocacy

          Executive in Residence John A. Nixon speaks on the panel for the Diversifying the Talent Pipeline event.

          Executive in Residence John A. Nixon discussed the confidence gap at work and the value of self-advocacy at the individual and organizational level.

          How to Negotiate Salary

          In May 2019, Executive in Residence and  Partner at Duane Morris, LLP John Nixon 

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          During the Spring 2019 term, Executive in Residence John Nixon discussed trends in executive pay, strategies for negotiating salary and benefits, and how an organization can successfully implement a ‘compensation culture.’

          Direct Engagement

          About the Executives in Residence

          502 Bad Gateway See all SPS Executives in Residence here.

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